Monday, September 14, 2009

Everything in one!!

Well, everything in one!! Too lazy to compartmentalize already!! Plus, so little time, so many fun, ain't it?

Major *heart* this, so blardy cute. But i don't think this is available in M'sia though, sad case..

pic credited to Julia

Contemplating to buy these two as well, but I think the flats might be more practical? Or rather, necessary?? Hmmmmm....

both pic credited to MissTLF and OCD

# had a fun night out with both Deb and 3 two square, it was fun!!
# and MY stayed on for the night, we went for UP!, sucha hilarious movie. Seriously, watch it!! I'm planning to watch it again with the boyf =)
# Class has officially started, the subjects are bulky but super boring. Classes are 10 hours on the weekends alone.. Oh God, help me get through this whole thing!
# Had a movie date with the boyf after class on Sunday( i repeat, class on SUNDAY!) went to watch Gamer instead of UP 3D, big no-no! Gerard Butler might be an eye-candy but no way this movie is interesting or even worth while to watch..
# Met up with the girls at coll in class, after 3 months of hiatus. We catch up straight where we left it, glad that we still laugh as much as we did!! No wonder ppl are a bit scared of us all!! Laughing too loud I guess :P
# Daddy, Jill and Justin coming down this weekend, major woo-hoo!!!! Miss them too much already, why can't today be Friday instead of Monday???
# Old news, I'm still damn 7 broke =(
# Recent buys will be up once the pic are taken.
# When are we meeting up, dear Fion? Miss you already..

Well, that's all for now, and before signing off.. This is my girl crush of the moment..

Diane Kruger

Olivia Palermo

Leighton Meester

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Outfit Posts

Finally done it after contemplating for so long, my 1st outfit posts. Taken in the glorious Boh Tea Plantation up in Cameron Highlands, will have an individual post for that coming up real soon!

Lovin' the pleats and the smocked, pretty?!
Blouse-midnightglam; Jeans-Levis; Duotone Flats-Rockin'Reptile; Bag-Stockist; Bangle-SoakRepub.


Greetings to everyone!

I'm blogging from my desk at my office, sounds so weird even just to type this out, have been working for 4days already(well,almost!) They're nice people here, doesn't seems to discover any major problem yet. But hey, I'm still a newbie, especially in tech dept. Just completed some of my task for the day, hence a few moments for air!!

Btw, my class will be starting this coming saturday, misses all my coursemate so much! Can't wait to see them in a couple days time!! However, will have to work this weekend..blah =(

But but but, i drove to work today!!! Driving my uncle car that is, but it's such a great step, I DROVE HERE!! Haha, i'll be starting my driving life tomorrow onwards! Exciting, ain't it? Although that means more torn on my wallet..

Oh ya, Jill will be having her exam on today, wishes her the best of luck and will keep her in prayers! Don't fret, my darling sis!! It's gonna be alright!

Gotta chao peeps, till then..