Sunday, November 16, 2008


This is just so weird, i used to be a Night Owl..
I loved the night so much to the extent that i've my boutique called

But now, i guess the busy-ness in life have taken its toll on me
I've become a MORNING PERSON!!

I find that i've become so much more productive in the morning,
and i'm kinda in love with the morning light..

How nice would it be if i can actually take a walk in the morning!!

*pic taken in my room on a Sunday morn, before class*

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Millions Apologies!

I did not just abadoned U
just that the giant footsteps of life is moving so freaking fast
i've no time to sleep,
no time to hang out,
no time to read,
no time to blog,
no time for the usual beauty routine
and even no time to shop!!

My appeal?!

*caught up with work* yes, new part time job!
*obsessed with outfit sketching* ew,lousy drawings
*constant mail checking due to *ahem*
*new semester* packed with super technical, brain cracking subjects

popped by this when you're free...

p.s: yes yes yes dear, will update more if i find the time to breath!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Label

TO-DO List

-trip to post office
-return books to the library
-check out latest trends
-set up new blog
-find out where can i get a mannequin
-call college
-review for wall.e

Recent Eyeing


Wow..i didnt realise it has been a while since i really wrote something here. Last time i wrote, it was a day before i leave to KL. And, i'm going there again, to be exact. It's tomorrow!! (what's with all the habit to write a day before i leave?)

However, tomorrow i'm going with family cause it's school holiday. But i might stay for a couple days more just to settle some stuff and to collect my result. Yea, u heard it right. It's coming out, soon, next week maybe. And it has been going under my nerve for a week or so already. Really wondered whether i'll be able to get it over with sanely, cause it seems to be driving me a lil bit crazy...

Oh yea, remember that i told ya that i might be starting my online blogshop soon? Turn out it might be happening sooner that we all thought. If everything goes with my plan, u might be able to buy from me as soon as next week! However, the nearer it is to get started, the more anticipation it involves, the more it scares me(or rather the excitement which is scaring me a lil??) Will post the blog add here soon though (read:next week!)

This couple weeks passed blistfully. Life goes on without much surprises. I finished 3 seasons of Bones(it was actually good and not to mention intellectual!), I need to go to post office, I've been watching Olympic Games almost everyday.

Speaking of that, it's such a shame that Lee Zhong Wei lost. :( We thought all those colourful drinks that he has been consuming will at least bring him some luck.. Apparently, the red drink that Lin Dan has been drinking is more powerful though. Better luck next time, dude!

And...the primary reason to go KL? to watch Wall.E!! Anybody watch already??

P/s: so little time, so many updates~~

Till then,

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I miss there....

Bali trip 06/2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

So into purple..

This is a photo from shopaholics unite!
Can tell that i'm really into vintage right now huh?
Vintage dress,skirt,lacey top
It's so 70s!!
Is it a bit too much to have a disco ball too?
P/S:might be starting my own online boutique soon if everything pull through, support me ya!!
Till Then,

Friday, August 1, 2008

Clothes Clothes Clothes

Before I forgot, let's have a quick update on recent buy, ya?

Summing up, there's
-Green thin cotton floral maxi dress
-Blue Leatherish Tote
-Turquoise Kimono Dress
-Long Knitted red top

Till then,


2133 Friday

It has been kinda okay day today. Woke up around 1, lunch, watch Bones, tea with sis, hiking( yea, i went hiking the Maxwell Hill!), dinner, grocery shopping.

Everything has been alright except with my dad recent short fuss,hot tempered days. He has gotten him temper pretty much control these days. However, this couple days has been bad. Showing face and bad tone is not a good sign. I've been trying to figure out what has been bothering him this few days. May be for the bad share market, the lost of my grandpa or maybe it's just the unpleasure-ment that my uncle and aunt brought him.Anyway, i guess he'll be fine in a few days without all of us kacau-ing him.

Tomorrow i'm going to KL(yeay!!), losta things on the planning list which makes me jump around like a little kid.

Well,let's see..there's
-The Dark Knight
-Red Cliff(part1)
-Sex and the City
-Brunch at The Curve
-Afternoon trooling at Ikea
-Collect clothes (yeay! yeay)
-Meeting up with friends
-And the most important one, meeting up with darling~~

So,i'll be away from my computer until Tuesday..And hope i'll survive that..

Till then,

Tuesday, July 29, 2008





我记得当我迷上胡彦斌时大概是03 年初,或中。那时,一切都是完美的,完整的。那年,我认识了一位男生,一位从此我生命里扮演了一个很重要的角色的人。我以为。。生命就应该这样子。完美的家庭,疼爱我的人。



Till then,

Monday, July 28, 2008


I smiled,
I laughed,
I sang,
I danced,
Heck, I even gossiped
but, u've no idea
I'm almost broken inside...
Till we all meet again,

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eyelet and Maxi

Hm..weekends are always depressing especially if I'm on a tight budget because that's when all the bloggers will be updating their stuffs and me, in particular, have a weak spot for online shopping... *wishing that i've a real deep pocket right now*

On today itself, I found a few gorgeous pieces which makes me literally drooling at my monitor, wishing I'm holding them right now.

Introducing..the eyelets

I found this gorgeous top selling at RM29 at It looks very delicate, very demure and sweet. Not to mention, it's also one of those top which is kinda Blair Waldorf's inspired. But I'm worried that the sleeves area might not fit for I've a bigger arm. :(

Besides, from the late night updates, I also found this pretty pretty sundress (is it?) laying at the latest batch of clothes at It looks so effortless carefree and angelic, doesnt it? Sad that it's a wee bit pricey for my budget..
Next up, the maxi dresses which has caused a major hurricane in the fashion world lately. I didn't knw that maxi dresses could be so affordable, comfortable, makes u look really really slim and minus those almost-will-never-happen-peekaboo-moment.

This one from has instantly caught my eye. It was love at first sight. The richness of the colours, and the floral of it took my breath away at an instant. The only flaw is the plunging neckline. I'm not really a fan of plunging neckline as I'm not blessed with a full blossom. Understandable,right??

Another white piece, the only difference is this one is a white maxi dress.
How rare is it to have a white maxi dress and the owner of it claimed that it doesnt make u look fat at all. Plus point that it has a double lining too? Irresistable? I believe this is the description I'm looking for. Plus the owner of this webbie , Amanda is such a friendly and understanding person. I almost bought this without thinking last night when I was chatting with her cause she was so nice...

sigh sigh* All this adorable pieces laying around here, and all my budget and account was telling me that I could only choose ONE piece of all this. This without question is just trying to torture me....

Oh dear, can someone just give me an opinion on which one i should choose???

P/s : I think it's pretty obvious now that I'm really into white...

Till then,


I'm currently on a summer break from college for 3 months, it kinda feel like it's gonna be awfully long when it first started. However,things seem to have been taken its toll since then.

Time really flies. It has already been almost 2 months since my holiday started. What've u done? U asked. Nothing, I said.

It seems like my everyday life had been evolving around me,wake up,have late lunch,peek my head around my bro and sis stuffs,online shopping, dinner, blog hopping,watch series and sleep.

Nothing productive, nothing useful. It looks like i've been on a full holiday mode,doing nothing everyday,exploiting the holiday to the max.

Lately, I've been realising that all those time where i spent at home doing nothing except all those mentioned above did not bored me. And it's kinda shocking judging all that stuffs can be really dull,especially if u did that all alone..

Then i realised that i've dedicating all my time to online shopping and all...and sometimes can be kinda scary cause my self-control is not all that good. And on this month itself i already splurged around RM400 on online shopping. See? Told u it would be shocking...

Therefore,I'm now trying to move all that concentration to another new addiction.

Guess what?! It's FASHION!!

I've been reading lotsa fashion blog lately to realise that what i've been wearing last time..basically made me blush when think of it. Only if there was any fashion police in this country,i think they would have arrested me long ago.

Hence, the new wear fashionable,pretty clothes no matter when and where I'm going...

This is a new one,and I promise myself I'll do my best not to break it.

Till then,

The Journey

Alittle place where i placed my thoughts and current interests.

All that come and goes randomly, and not to mention rapidly..

I'll have to write it down somewhere just so sometimes when i've a moment or two to slow down, i can always find out what's been happening to me..