Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm currently on a summer break from college for 3 months, it kinda feel like it's gonna be awfully long when it first started. However,things seem to have been taken its toll since then.

Time really flies. It has already been almost 2 months since my holiday started. What've u done? U asked. Nothing, I said.

It seems like my everyday life had been evolving around me,wake up,have late lunch,peek my head around my bro and sis stuffs,online shopping, dinner, blog hopping,watch series and sleep.

Nothing productive, nothing useful. It looks like i've been on a full holiday mode,doing nothing everyday,exploiting the holiday to the max.

Lately, I've been realising that all those time where i spent at home doing nothing except all those mentioned above did not bored me. And it's kinda shocking judging all that stuffs can be really dull,especially if u did that all alone..

Then i realised that i've dedicating all my time to online shopping and all...and sometimes can be kinda scary cause my self-control is not all that good. And on this month itself i already splurged around RM400 on online shopping. See? Told u it would be shocking...

Therefore,I'm now trying to move all that concentration to another new addiction.

Guess what?! It's FASHION!!

I've been reading lotsa fashion blog lately to realise that what i've been wearing last time..basically made me blush when think of it. Only if there was any fashion police in this country,i think they would have arrested me long ago.

Hence, the new wear fashionable,pretty clothes no matter when and where I'm going...

This is a new one,and I promise myself I'll do my best not to break it.

Till then,

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