Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with books and movies

I didn't go back for Christmas this year, mainly because I'm too exhausted with working, studying, traveling etc. Couldn't handle to be stuck in the jam for 4-5 hours to head home, although i did missed everyone at home terribly during Christmas. Anyway, it was holidays well spent, I finally managed to clear up a few more items on the way too long list before we bid farewell to 2009. Here's the showdown for the weekends..

watched the 3D version at Midvalley, the movie was great, it portrays a world that's so pure, so clean, so much energy and so free from pollution. And the visual and animation of the entire movie was good, not to mention the colours are so rich, well played. Although I wouldn't recommend anyone to watch it the 3D style, it's terrible beyond words. The specs keep slipping down my nose, well not that the bridge was too low for Asian standard. And it gives splitting headache every couple minutes or so, I've been literally holding the glasses for 2 hours and 40minutes of the movie to make sure I get a good look of what's going on. In addition, the 3D version comes without subtitles, it can be very confusing at times, especially when the Navi speaks English, kinda hard to catch the meaning though...but, well played after all.

Alvin and the Chipmunks
I absolutely adored the 1st one, it was so adorable and cute and funny. The 2nd one however, couldn't be said the same. It wasn't as hilarious as the 1st but the chipmunks are still cute and they've a female chip-pettes called Jeanette!!! Even so, i wouldn't recommend wasting money and time for this on the season where there're so much more good ones to fill the time!

Bodyguards and Assassins
Didn't expect this movie to be good, not really a fan of the director of this movie. However, it took another twist and turns out to be the movie that i enjoyed the most compared to the other two (although Avatar might lose points due to the stupid 3D specs). I adore history, that's why i was worried that it might ruined the taste of it. It was a pleasant surprise after all, the storyline didn't seems to be to hard-sell, the violent and beating is hardcore though, stabbing is terrible but blood splat was bearable. However, what i really like about the movie is that. It provoked a lot of deeper thoughts, from how much sacrifices it took for baby steps in order for revolution to happen, and how brutal was the monarchy in China before this. This was definitely not the worst, but was mind provoking for those who are not familiar with it.

The Time Traveler's Wife
Finally finish up this book yesterday, was crying like a baby approaching the end, when one of the main character died. Although some may say that this book is more towards a chick-lit, i beg to differ. The literature in it, may not be as shallow as some would like to give credit for. The writing is careful, meticulous and in a very delicate way that touches your soul so gently and it sent waves of shivers to the spine. It was a good read, very good one indeed. It has been a really long while since I've read any books that is worth of extreme recommendation.. It's somewhat 600pages long, but very good. I'm planning to re-read it again soon because it's so good. So touching..

For more on my point of view on other books, check it out here

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


How i wish today is 24th already instead of 23rd?
Today, is working for 8hours then tutorial for 3more.
Tomorrow i'll have wine and dine with two of my fav person *winks*
and only work until 12.00pm!

Seriously, just came back from Beijing couple days back, it's freeeeezing with a capital F, feel free to elaborate yourself, and yes indeed it was snowing. But it's so freaking cold i feel like my fingers and toes are dropping off. Never have I in my entire life miss the weather in M'sia so much. I secretly promise myself nv to complain about our weather anymore, it's warm and moist here, unlike China, so damn harsh!

Anyway, dowan to sound like an ungrateful b*tch, the view and company was great however. Not to mention, those Olympic stadium just look so magnificent upclose! I'm honoured to be able just to walk near it and touch it, imagine those people who actually went to witness the opening ceremony of Olympic Beijing'08..

I do not have the pic with me right now, will upload it once i got it from Justin =)

btw, i've no idea why. but i'm in a full shopping mode now, someone call 911!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

seriously, how long do u need to memorize all this? :P

青花瓷 词:方文山 曲:周杰伦

天青色等烟雨 而我在等你
炊烟袅袅升起 隔江千万里
天青色等烟雨 而我在等你
月色被打捞起 晕开了结局

天青色等烟雨 而我在等你
炊烟袅袅升起 隔江千万里
天青色等烟雨 而我在等你
月色被打捞起 晕开了结局
如传世的青花瓷自顾自美丽 你眼带笑意
天青色等烟雨 而我在等你
炊烟袅袅升起 隔江千万里
天青色等烟雨 而我在等你
月色被打捞起 晕开了结局
如传世的青花瓷自顾自美丽 你眼带笑意

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Spree Month Eleven

edited : Newly purchased! Which is nicer, blue or black?

kimono bareback dress. dorfbury; black skinny.beetch; chiffon maxi.tagthattag; kimono maxi.purple swirl dress.ladiesfash; lace jumpsuit!, girlsabouttown

Yea, let's do it!

wasn't really looking forward to this coming trip though. dunno why. but anyhow. just to avoid that i come back less a human more popsicle-like. I need more clothes. so much moore...
Yea, i'm kinda paranoid. so what?! It's really cold though. and cold is not my thing. I was thinking a lil too much I guess, almost wanted to shove my throw into my tiny suitcase :Pbut, i do need my. beanie.mine is purple too, but not as cute as hers.
Speaking of cute. check out how cute is Dakota Fanning ^^Or perhaps, i could get away looking like this? Well, that's not my point. My point is. i need a coat too. and a shawl. more thermal leggings too.Hence, going out with Rene rene later to hunt for thermal leggings.
And thanks to Your Shopping Kaki and SugarScarf,
i won the contest and gotten myself a free shawl to keep myself warm
judging I do not have longer hair to keep my neck from freezing =(
It's huge and ombre blue, absolutely stunning!Anyhow, with all that, i'll probably still freeze while looking like a huge dumpling
instead of looking effortlessly chic like them T_T
Oops, a bit too much, like this?I also found my mom's vintage double breasted coat..
and more gloves.ear muff.socks.shawl...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Since when, did we slowly grow apart?
When did we started not to speak of the truth everytime we make a statement?
When did we learn to please our listeners more than ourselves?
How did we become such diplomatic speakers, in order to maintain our friendship?
I don't know you, sometimes I feel like I don't even know myself enough.

Since when, did we give up ourselves to fit into the world?
Are we moulded yet?
Have the revelation begin?
When did our strong-will changed into obedience?
Did we even realise that?

It's just another monday blue..
After a long weekend.

I've no idea, why didn't I return all the calls, the piling up of the to-do list,
the sleeping earlier and earlier every night, the ive-no-strength-to-pick-fight,
and..not even say hi when i bumped into you, I've nothing to say to you.

Are we slowly dying away?
Sometimes i asked myself, am i going to dedicate decades of my life, trapped in this tiny cubicle? Is this what everybody does?
I want to break free from this constant cycle. I want to do something else, more colourful than this in my life..
Is legal firm my future? Is this what i wanted?
Or rather, something else? Some variable?
I do not know.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


pix credited to The Sartorialist
This has officially made me wanna save up and
get a Burberry trench!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Long overdue post from one of my bestie's Bday! Be prepared for crazy pix from all night!

Venue : Redbox ioi Mall
Date : 6th Nov 2009
Occasion : Mie's Bday
Irene and Mie
Mie and me!
There you go, drunkards! Oops, ladies!
Rene rene, lady in purple *me*
mie and deb- sober
Cupcakes from Wondermilk
pretty little thing, aren't they?!
A very delighted mie
All in one! Bestie, cakes and presents!
Rene, me, mie and deb!
A very red Deb!

Can't believe that we've all known each other for 10years
already? Been friends since primary school =)
These people are gems in my life although we sometimes
don't get to see each other all the time

So mie, i hoped that u had fun,
and Rene, sorry we didn't managed to plan a big bday for u
and Deb, careful. Don't fall head over heels ya!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


At so many points in life, it's so easy to just let it go. Just.. get comfy and stay there.
That's why we should all constantly be reminding to strive forward, to move, to fight until you do not have any strand of power in you. That, my friends, are the ultimate goal of living.

I understand, it's always easier this way, calm & smooth and there goes a lifetime. But i wouldn't want to reminisce about my past and nothing jumps out. I like to have some more memorise, heartache, disappointment, joy, grateful.. a mixture of everything. They do not necessary means the best of moment, but is the essence of making ones life complete.

It's just like waves, one tide to come after another. A calm sea, can only be the dead sea. Concentration of salt is so high in it, one day it'll vanished.

I don't want to be caught up in work all the time, to be constantly burying myself so high in work, for i'm a very greedy person, i wanted to have of everything at the buffet, i wanted to juggle a few balls at once. Can i have it? Can i ultimately have it all?

p/s: if this doesn't make sense to you, ignore it. I'm tired. and emo. Especially on a rainy day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i think i found my boyf's secret stash yesterday while trying to allocate my cert.
Well, it's not exactly a secret stash per se, it was just something i did 6 years back.
I remembered that was the 1st few months we gotten together, i was innocent, restricted, and naive back then. I wrote my thoughts for the 1st 100 days we gotten together and give it to him as a birthday gift. I thought it was silly back then, now i know it's such a priceless gift, it was me, strip bare from all the grown-up-polluted mind, just all that overflowing feelings, so exposed to him. I would have been very touched myself if i received a gift like that today though. It brings back so much of memories, it was so dramatic back then. I was just wondering, would us then be proud if they would have known how we're like, today? Or vice versa?

Life have been moving on so fast, too fast that sometimes i wouldn't be able to catch it or slow it down, even if i want to. So many things to think about, so many stuff to settles, so many uncertainties to figure out. I've limited brain capacity here though, but maybe it's a challenge from God to expand my horizon, to do more things with my life. I've been living too comfortably back then, i think. Now it's time for me to pick up the pace and start jogging. I guess.. it's time!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just to sum it up..

Sheer vintage blouse.preloved; lacey jumpsuit.pumpkin; joie skirt shorts.uglyduckling; dark coffee sling bag.fashionholicgal.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What have you done in the past 24 hours?

1400 : bored in the office, staring at the screen blankly
1500 : Still bored, browse more other website/blogs/fashion blogs.
1600 : Yawn, yawn...
1700 : Seven down, one to go.. Browse updates on Tudors, apparently season 4 is the last =(
1800 : On the way home, massive crawl along the federal highway.
1900 : KFC for dinner!! Crap, the stall outsite it sells durian, freaking.smelly!
2000 : Bones returns for another season!! Brennan and Booth are so cute together =)
2100 : Stole a pear back from the office, *nom nom*
2200 : Head out with ZT and Serene for a drink at Starbucks..
2300 : Browse some notes, some reading..
0000 : *Stares at the celling* shouldn't have down that macchiato!
0100 : Paranoia, i think there's a cockroach in my room.. Zzzzz
* 0130 : Woke up did payment to some blogowners!! More new clothes!!!

0800 : Crap, late already!! Jams and more jams!
0900 : No parking, meeting starts in 15minutes..
1000 : Came down to move my car, i parked illegally. Thank God i move, a policeman was writing out saman with a weird look.
1100 : Proof-reading.. i miss my boyf!
1200 : Lunch with colleague. More gossips i said.
1300 : I forgot the designated sentence. Anyway. Gatorade lime makes a happy me!

Friday, October 2, 2009


This should be a good day, or it ought to be. But suddenly out of nowhere, it just feels kinda blue. Not moody, nor depressed. Just that it dawn on me to have that kinda feeling, it's mild, not overwhelming, i'm not sad. Just blue.

So many things has been happening lately, one of the more significant changes after started working is you lost most of your me-time. I used to spending most of the time myself, doing nothing, staring blank at the wall, let the thoughts run wild, process stuff that has been happening, reflecting on every decisions that I've made. But now, having time to myself is a luxury. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, most of it is spend working, going classes, travelling, jam, boyf, friends and all. I don't even have the time to think, to think if wht i've done is correct or whether is it justifiable, i need more time, i need to think. I've felt so different lately, I don't process stuff anymore, thinking is a time-consuming task, and also a task that has been on the to-do list for so long(well, psychologically), always a high priority one. It has been flagged, put red-sign on it, yet i still don't have the mind capacity of dealing with it. It's like a floodgate, or a pandora's box, once u open it, there's no way you could have fit it back in into the tiny little box at the corner, it's either you deal with it or you not.

Although study shows that you only use a minimal of 5-10% of the brian capacity that we own but somehow rather i couldn't help but feel helpless, i'm always exhausted. Partly contributed to the part of me not letting go the very little me-time i kept for myself in the night by trying to stay up a little longer, spending more time myself. It's a vicious circle i know, but there's nothing much i could do about it.

I know i'm being childish for trying to hold on to that, but it feels like a part of me, i'm still not done with that, i would hold on for as long as possible to do so. Probably until before i could dealt with the psychological effect of growing up, this is still gonna be a part of me. Do not blame me, it's just who I'm.
Don't tell me to sleep early, i would if i could. I'm sorry.

阴天 在不开灯的房间
香烟 氲成一滩光圈
傻傻两个人 笑的多甜

Monday, September 14, 2009

Everything in one!!

Well, everything in one!! Too lazy to compartmentalize already!! Plus, so little time, so many fun, ain't it?

Major *heart* this, so blardy cute. But i don't think this is available in M'sia though, sad case..

pic credited to Julia

Contemplating to buy these two as well, but I think the flats might be more practical? Or rather, necessary?? Hmmmmm....

both pic credited to MissTLF and OCD

# had a fun night out with both Deb and 3 two square, it was fun!!
# and MY stayed on for the night, we went for UP!, sucha hilarious movie. Seriously, watch it!! I'm planning to watch it again with the boyf =)
# Class has officially started, the subjects are bulky but super boring. Classes are 10 hours on the weekends alone.. Oh God, help me get through this whole thing!
# Had a movie date with the boyf after class on Sunday( i repeat, class on SUNDAY!) went to watch Gamer instead of UP 3D, big no-no! Gerard Butler might be an eye-candy but no way this movie is interesting or even worth while to watch..
# Met up with the girls at coll in class, after 3 months of hiatus. We catch up straight where we left it, glad that we still laugh as much as we did!! No wonder ppl are a bit scared of us all!! Laughing too loud I guess :P
# Daddy, Jill and Justin coming down this weekend, major woo-hoo!!!! Miss them too much already, why can't today be Friday instead of Monday???
# Old news, I'm still damn 7 broke =(
# Recent buys will be up once the pic are taken.
# When are we meeting up, dear Fion? Miss you already..

Well, that's all for now, and before signing off.. This is my girl crush of the moment..

Diane Kruger

Olivia Palermo

Leighton Meester

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Outfit Posts

Finally done it after contemplating for so long, my 1st outfit posts. Taken in the glorious Boh Tea Plantation up in Cameron Highlands, will have an individual post for that coming up real soon!

Lovin' the pleats and the smocked, pretty?!
Blouse-midnightglam; Jeans-Levis; Duotone Flats-Rockin'Reptile; Bag-Stockist; Bangle-SoakRepub.


Greetings to everyone!

I'm blogging from my desk at my office, sounds so weird even just to type this out, have been working for 4days already(well,almost!) They're nice people here, doesn't seems to discover any major problem yet. But hey, I'm still a newbie, especially in tech dept. Just completed some of my task for the day, hence a few moments for air!!

Btw, my class will be starting this coming saturday, misses all my coursemate so much! Can't wait to see them in a couple days time!! However, will have to work this weekend..blah =(

But but but, i drove to work today!!! Driving my uncle car that is, but it's such a great step, I DROVE HERE!! Haha, i'll be starting my driving life tomorrow onwards! Exciting, ain't it? Although that means more torn on my wallet..

Oh ya, Jill will be having her exam on today, wishes her the best of luck and will keep her in prayers! Don't fret, my darling sis!! It's gonna be alright!

Gotta chao peeps, till then..

Monday, August 31, 2009


It has been pretty hectic this couple weeks, hence here we go..

Life Updates:
- i got through my final exams, result came out earlier, i did alright!!
- I'm finally a grad! After 4 years of blood, sweat and tears!
- Found a new job too, it's a serious job, i'm starting in 2days time.
- daddy is reconsidering of getting me a new car *yippie*
- Which means, i might be moving too, somewhere nearer and cheaper.
- i think my financial situations might be turning better soon.
- a few friends of mine did not get through, feeling a bit sad for that.
- class is starting in 2 weeks, bit nervous in a class of 400.
- i'm anticipating of starting work, it feels overwhelming..
- met up with friends last week, it was nice seeing them all.
- new stocks for MidnightGlam pretty darn soon, dont hold yr breath!

French chic

Lol, just reserved this pair of gorgeous heels! Hope no one gets there before me,
pretty ain't it?~!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's certainly my pleasure

1.Having cappuccino first thing in the morning
2.Hanging out with the girl pals all day long
3.curling up doing nothing with the boyf
4.raining like cats and dogs when I'm home with the family
5.people watching on the train/sidewalks/busy streets
6.rerun of Grey's, GG, Bones, SATC etc in the middle of the night
7.admiring beautiful.artistic.fashionable blogs
8.a parcel arriving at the door
9.playing dressed up when no one is looking
10.reading a good book
11.watching the sunset from my room

Just another night

Spend the night partying with boyf and friends at Sanctuary, 'nuff said.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sometimes I wonder..

I only have budget for one..Romper or blazer?
1.I love the romper's design but absolutely hate the fabric, I'll be getting it tailor made if finally made up my mind to have it..
2.The blazer seems to be the upandcoming it thing to own. But will I be able to carry it? Looking chic in it?
3.Blazers are much more practical than romper, hands down!
4.Rompers is such a playful piece, love it!
5.Blazers are cheapers, although need to wait for restock and pay for postage..
6.It takes 2-3 weeks for romper to be made.
7.Can choose my desired fabric but worried that the tailored result may not be satisfactory.
8.Pricing for the blazer is a bit low, could the quality maintain?
9.I'm in serious dilemma, which should i choose?

edited:decided to just get the blazer from aishop instead-cheaper alternative and quality seems better too ;P