Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with books and movies

I didn't go back for Christmas this year, mainly because I'm too exhausted with working, studying, traveling etc. Couldn't handle to be stuck in the jam for 4-5 hours to head home, although i did missed everyone at home terribly during Christmas. Anyway, it was holidays well spent, I finally managed to clear up a few more items on the way too long list before we bid farewell to 2009. Here's the showdown for the weekends..

watched the 3D version at Midvalley, the movie was great, it portrays a world that's so pure, so clean, so much energy and so free from pollution. And the visual and animation of the entire movie was good, not to mention the colours are so rich, well played. Although I wouldn't recommend anyone to watch it the 3D style, it's terrible beyond words. The specs keep slipping down my nose, well not that the bridge was too low for Asian standard. And it gives splitting headache every couple minutes or so, I've been literally holding the glasses for 2 hours and 40minutes of the movie to make sure I get a good look of what's going on. In addition, the 3D version comes without subtitles, it can be very confusing at times, especially when the Navi speaks English, kinda hard to catch the meaning though...but, well played after all.

Alvin and the Chipmunks
I absolutely adored the 1st one, it was so adorable and cute and funny. The 2nd one however, couldn't be said the same. It wasn't as hilarious as the 1st but the chipmunks are still cute and they've a female chip-pettes called Jeanette!!! Even so, i wouldn't recommend wasting money and time for this on the season where there're so much more good ones to fill the time!

Bodyguards and Assassins
Didn't expect this movie to be good, not really a fan of the director of this movie. However, it took another twist and turns out to be the movie that i enjoyed the most compared to the other two (although Avatar might lose points due to the stupid 3D specs). I adore history, that's why i was worried that it might ruined the taste of it. It was a pleasant surprise after all, the storyline didn't seems to be to hard-sell, the violent and beating is hardcore though, stabbing is terrible but blood splat was bearable. However, what i really like about the movie is that. It provoked a lot of deeper thoughts, from how much sacrifices it took for baby steps in order for revolution to happen, and how brutal was the monarchy in China before this. This was definitely not the worst, but was mind provoking for those who are not familiar with it.

The Time Traveler's Wife
Finally finish up this book yesterday, was crying like a baby approaching the end, when one of the main character died. Although some may say that this book is more towards a chick-lit, i beg to differ. The literature in it, may not be as shallow as some would like to give credit for. The writing is careful, meticulous and in a very delicate way that touches your soul so gently and it sent waves of shivers to the spine. It was a good read, very good one indeed. It has been a really long while since I've read any books that is worth of extreme recommendation.. It's somewhat 600pages long, but very good. I'm planning to re-read it again soon because it's so good. So touching..

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