Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yea, let's do it!

wasn't really looking forward to this coming trip though. dunno why. but anyhow. just to avoid that i come back less a human more popsicle-like. I need more clothes. so much moore...
Yea, i'm kinda paranoid. so what?! It's really cold though. and cold is not my thing. I was thinking a lil too much I guess, almost wanted to shove my throw into my tiny suitcase :Pbut, i do need my. beanie.mine is purple too, but not as cute as hers.
Speaking of cute. check out how cute is Dakota Fanning ^^Or perhaps, i could get away looking like this? Well, that's not my point. My point is. i need a coat too. and a shawl. more thermal leggings too.Hence, going out with Rene rene later to hunt for thermal leggings.
And thanks to Your Shopping Kaki and SugarScarf,
i won the contest and gotten myself a free shawl to keep myself warm
judging I do not have longer hair to keep my neck from freezing =(
It's huge and ombre blue, absolutely stunning!Anyhow, with all that, i'll probably still freeze while looking like a huge dumpling
instead of looking effortlessly chic like them T_T
Oops, a bit too much, like this?I also found my mom's vintage double breasted coat..
and more gloves.ear muff.socks.shawl...

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