Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I do think that when natural disaster strike, there's no place to run. And when disaster strikes, and you're still commenting on your facebook about something else, busy posting new pictures of the food you took, how busy you are. Seriously, there must be something wrong with you.

I'm deeply sadden by the fact that so many parts of our world are hit by natural disasters. It's the only type of incident that no matter how great human are at predicting and taking precaution measures, we can never run away from it.

The earthquake and tsunami, followed by the nuclear leak in Japan should have taught mankind a great lesson. The Japs are really great at facing crisis time, they are calm, considerate and never cause more pain then it has already been. If only this has happen at any other country, no one could warrant for this circumstance. And take it to them, quake at 9.0 and yet no major collapse of buildings.

I feel like revelation is approaching, the ground is shaking. And shaking. It's like it's going to be over before we knew it.

Shopaholic Mania 2011

On sale - seesawplayground
Egg Plant top
Love the luscious color -bunch of wildflower
Christopher Kane inspired -un-masqued
H&M - angelaglory
Teardrop Extras at the side - cocktails
Color Scheme - whitelabelcloset