Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Since when, did we slowly grow apart?
When did we started not to speak of the truth everytime we make a statement?
When did we learn to please our listeners more than ourselves?
How did we become such diplomatic speakers, in order to maintain our friendship?
I don't know you, sometimes I feel like I don't even know myself enough.

Since when, did we give up ourselves to fit into the world?
Are we moulded yet?
Have the revelation begin?
When did our strong-will changed into obedience?
Did we even realise that?

It's just another monday blue..
After a long weekend.

I've no idea, why didn't I return all the calls, the piling up of the to-do list,
the sleeping earlier and earlier every night, the ive-no-strength-to-pick-fight,
and..not even say hi when i bumped into you, I've nothing to say to you.

Are we slowly dying away?
Sometimes i asked myself, am i going to dedicate decades of my life, trapped in this tiny cubicle? Is this what everybody does?
I want to break free from this constant cycle. I want to do something else, more colourful than this in my life..
Is legal firm my future? Is this what i wanted?
Or rather, something else? Some variable?
I do not know.

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Zhou Se Hua said...

u can do it! whatever u will do in your future, do ur best! u can do it! haha.. no worries, be happy! Cheers!!