Wednesday, December 23, 2009


How i wish today is 24th already instead of 23rd?
Today, is working for 8hours then tutorial for 3more.
Tomorrow i'll have wine and dine with two of my fav person *winks*
and only work until 12.00pm!

Seriously, just came back from Beijing couple days back, it's freeeeezing with a capital F, feel free to elaborate yourself, and yes indeed it was snowing. But it's so freaking cold i feel like my fingers and toes are dropping off. Never have I in my entire life miss the weather in M'sia so much. I secretly promise myself nv to complain about our weather anymore, it's warm and moist here, unlike China, so damn harsh!

Anyway, dowan to sound like an ungrateful b*tch, the view and company was great however. Not to mention, those Olympic stadium just look so magnificent upclose! I'm honoured to be able just to walk near it and touch it, imagine those people who actually went to witness the opening ceremony of Olympic Beijing'08..

I do not have the pic with me right now, will upload it once i got it from Justin =)

btw, i've no idea why. but i'm in a full shopping mode now, someone call 911!

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Zhou Se Hua said...

ala... relax friend... lol... speaking of relax.... u ffk me....for the 25th.... ha! now its on the record! U better remember to come next year! =p hehe.. see ya!