Monday, August 31, 2009


It has been pretty hectic this couple weeks, hence here we go..

Life Updates:
- i got through my final exams, result came out earlier, i did alright!!
- I'm finally a grad! After 4 years of blood, sweat and tears!
- Found a new job too, it's a serious job, i'm starting in 2days time.
- daddy is reconsidering of getting me a new car *yippie*
- Which means, i might be moving too, somewhere nearer and cheaper.
- i think my financial situations might be turning better soon.
- a few friends of mine did not get through, feeling a bit sad for that.
- class is starting in 2 weeks, bit nervous in a class of 400.
- i'm anticipating of starting work, it feels overwhelming..
- met up with friends last week, it was nice seeing them all.
- new stocks for MidnightGlam pretty darn soon, dont hold yr breath!


小蓝天 said...

gongxi gongxi!
where u will working?

Midnight Glam said...

thank you!!
Will be working in jaya33, how are u doing btw?

sheepyeoh said...

hey.....tml coming back??

Midnight Glam said...

yeaps! Coming back tomorrow morning =)