Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh days

We're almost half way through August and my holiday is almost over. My class will be starting in 2-3 weeks time, which means result is coming out soon! That seriously freaks me out ok? I've been trying to push the urge down everytime I've a slight thought drifted to the results.. Haih, it's just too saddening to think about it.

Anyway, I'm still low on cash, which means I get to still grumble about the clothes/shoes/bags/shorts that I want but don't get to buy. Haih, wonder so many ladies have credit card debts! I totally get it alright?~

The long awaited skinny jeans that I bought from MissOCD finally arrived on Tuesday. Guess what? She sent me the wrong size!!! It looks pretty on me, but yet extremely tight. I was so tempted to keep it but wearing it seriously makes me feel like going into repository arrest..In the end, just return it lo.what to do?!

On the other hand, I'm still watching House damn alot these days. At season 4 already, hopefully can finish season 5 before holiday startss..

Hm..there's still quite a lot to update but I guess I'll just leave it for the weekend alright? Oh.and just a few pretty pictures to share, enjoy =)

pictures credited to lefashion,jakandjil,fashiontoast,stockholmstreetstyle,behindtheseams,stylorectic

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