Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sometimes I wonder..

I only have budget for one..Romper or blazer?
1.I love the romper's design but absolutely hate the fabric, I'll be getting it tailor made if finally made up my mind to have it..
2.The blazer seems to be the upandcoming it thing to own. But will I be able to carry it? Looking chic in it?
3.Blazers are much more practical than romper, hands down!
4.Rompers is such a playful piece, love it!
5.Blazers are cheapers, although need to wait for restock and pay for postage..
6.It takes 2-3 weeks for romper to be made.
7.Can choose my desired fabric but worried that the tailored result may not be satisfactory.
8.Pricing for the blazer is a bit low, could the quality maintain?
9.I'm in serious dilemma, which should i choose?

edited:decided to just get the blazer from aishop instead-cheaper alternative and quality seems better too ;P


yiqin; said...

The blazer's really nice :)

jean said...

I like your blog!! You're so cute!