Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What have you done in the past 24 hours?

1400 : bored in the office, staring at the screen blankly
1500 : Still bored, browse more other website/blogs/fashion blogs.
1600 : Yawn, yawn...
1700 : Seven down, one to go.. Browse updates on Tudors, apparently season 4 is the last =(
1800 : On the way home, massive crawl along the federal highway.
1900 : KFC for dinner!! Crap, the stall outsite it sells durian, freaking.smelly!
2000 : Bones returns for another season!! Brennan and Booth are so cute together =)
2100 : Stole a pear back from the office, *nom nom*
2200 : Head out with ZT and Serene for a drink at Starbucks..
2300 : Browse some notes, some reading..
0000 : *Stares at the celling* shouldn't have down that macchiato!
0100 : Paranoia, i think there's a cockroach in my room.. Zzzzz
* 0130 : Woke up did payment to some blogowners!! More new clothes!!!

0800 : Crap, late already!! Jams and more jams!
0900 : No parking, meeting starts in 15minutes..
1000 : Came down to move my car, i parked illegally. Thank God i move, a policeman was writing out saman with a weird look.
1100 : Proof-reading.. i miss my boyf!
1200 : Lunch with colleague. More gossips i said.
1300 : I forgot the designated sentence. Anyway. Gatorade lime makes a happy me!

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