Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Long overdue post from one of my bestie's Bday! Be prepared for crazy pix from all night!

Venue : Redbox ioi Mall
Date : 6th Nov 2009
Occasion : Mie's Bday
Irene and Mie
Mie and me!
There you go, drunkards! Oops, ladies!
Rene rene, lady in purple *me*
mie and deb- sober
Cupcakes from Wondermilk
pretty little thing, aren't they?!
A very delighted mie
All in one! Bestie, cakes and presents!
Rene, me, mie and deb!
A very red Deb!

Can't believe that we've all known each other for 10years
already? Been friends since primary school =)
These people are gems in my life although we sometimes
don't get to see each other all the time

So mie, i hoped that u had fun,
and Rene, sorry we didn't managed to plan a big bday for u
and Deb, careful. Don't fall head over heels ya!!

1 comment:

debbie mak said...

i didn't know i was so red till i saw the pics.. thought it was hot..haha!
i had heat rash and allergy after our outing..:(
anyway,hope miinyee had a memorable day!:) can i have a soft copy version of the pics as well??