Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eyelet and Maxi

Hm..weekends are always depressing especially if I'm on a tight budget because that's when all the bloggers will be updating their stuffs and me, in particular, have a weak spot for online shopping... *wishing that i've a real deep pocket right now*

On today itself, I found a few gorgeous pieces which makes me literally drooling at my monitor, wishing I'm holding them right now.

Introducing..the eyelets

I found this gorgeous top selling at RM29 at It looks very delicate, very demure and sweet. Not to mention, it's also one of those top which is kinda Blair Waldorf's inspired. But I'm worried that the sleeves area might not fit for I've a bigger arm. :(

Besides, from the late night updates, I also found this pretty pretty sundress (is it?) laying at the latest batch of clothes at It looks so effortless carefree and angelic, doesnt it? Sad that it's a wee bit pricey for my budget..
Next up, the maxi dresses which has caused a major hurricane in the fashion world lately. I didn't knw that maxi dresses could be so affordable, comfortable, makes u look really really slim and minus those almost-will-never-happen-peekaboo-moment.

This one from has instantly caught my eye. It was love at first sight. The richness of the colours, and the floral of it took my breath away at an instant. The only flaw is the plunging neckline. I'm not really a fan of plunging neckline as I'm not blessed with a full blossom. Understandable,right??

Another white piece, the only difference is this one is a white maxi dress.
How rare is it to have a white maxi dress and the owner of it claimed that it doesnt make u look fat at all. Plus point that it has a double lining too? Irresistable? I believe this is the description I'm looking for. Plus the owner of this webbie , Amanda is such a friendly and understanding person. I almost bought this without thinking last night when I was chatting with her cause she was so nice...

sigh sigh* All this adorable pieces laying around here, and all my budget and account was telling me that I could only choose ONE piece of all this. This without question is just trying to torture me....

Oh dear, can someone just give me an opinion on which one i should choose???

P/s : I think it's pretty obvious now that I'm really into white...

Till then,

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