Friday, August 1, 2008


2133 Friday

It has been kinda okay day today. Woke up around 1, lunch, watch Bones, tea with sis, hiking( yea, i went hiking the Maxwell Hill!), dinner, grocery shopping.

Everything has been alright except with my dad recent short fuss,hot tempered days. He has gotten him temper pretty much control these days. However, this couple days has been bad. Showing face and bad tone is not a good sign. I've been trying to figure out what has been bothering him this few days. May be for the bad share market, the lost of my grandpa or maybe it's just the unpleasure-ment that my uncle and aunt brought him.Anyway, i guess he'll be fine in a few days without all of us kacau-ing him.

Tomorrow i'm going to KL(yeay!!), losta things on the planning list which makes me jump around like a little kid.

Well,let's see..there's
-The Dark Knight
-Red Cliff(part1)
-Sex and the City
-Brunch at The Curve
-Afternoon trooling at Ikea
-Collect clothes (yeay! yeay)
-Meeting up with friends
-And the most important one, meeting up with darling~~

So,i'll be away from my computer until Tuesday..And hope i'll survive that..

Till then,

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