Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Wow..i didnt realise it has been a while since i really wrote something here. Last time i wrote, it was a day before i leave to KL. And, i'm going there again, to be exact. It's tomorrow!! (what's with all the habit to write a day before i leave?)

However, tomorrow i'm going with family cause it's school holiday. But i might stay for a couple days more just to settle some stuff and to collect my result. Yea, u heard it right. It's coming out, soon, next week maybe. And it has been going under my nerve for a week or so already. Really wondered whether i'll be able to get it over with sanely, cause it seems to be driving me a lil bit crazy...

Oh yea, remember that i told ya that i might be starting my online blogshop soon? Turn out it might be happening sooner that we all thought. If everything goes with my plan, u might be able to buy from me as soon as next week! However, the nearer it is to get started, the more anticipation it involves, the more it scares me(or rather the excitement which is scaring me a lil??) Will post the blog add here soon though (read:next week!)

This couple weeks passed blistfully. Life goes on without much surprises. I finished 3 seasons of Bones(it was actually good and not to mention intellectual!), I need to go to post office, I've been watching Olympic Games almost everyday.

Speaking of that, it's such a shame that Lee Zhong Wei lost. :( We thought all those colourful drinks that he has been consuming will at least bring him some luck.. Apparently, the red drink that Lin Dan has been drinking is more powerful though. Better luck next time, dude!

And...the primary reason to go KL? to watch Wall.E!! Anybody watch already??

P/s: so little time, so many updates~~

Till then,

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phuayleong said...

good luck for your result o...
wanna watch wall E also...hahaha...
take care...