Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the month of..April

*this post is more like for future self ref, ignore me if u've to*
Today is my working day, hence I have to sleep earlier last night, or at least attempted too. While the sleeping bug doesn't visit me untill quite some time later, my tiny little brain starting working like adrenalin. I started giving my future some thoughts, shed some lights on it. What did I want to do? How is it going to be? Can i perhaps, virtualise it now?

On career
It'd be great if I can ace my paperSss and get my ass into a big bad ass firm, work my way up from there. I actually still think divorce/family matters interest me alot. However, grade shows that I'm doing better in the corporate side. Hopefully can make big buck on the way, have a condo worth like half a million. But however do not want to make partner, then i'll have to worry about profit and loss. Continue doing midnight glam, that's my passion. It gives me great pleasure on doing work on that =)
On family
my siblings to grow into somewhat elegant and classy grown-up while doing subject/stuffs/work that they really like. While daddy can always stay half a month in the city and half a month back home. Keep things interesting.
On marriage
I want it to be a garden wedding, lots of green and white. Small and elegant. Invite like 200people to witness the a garden. I wanna wear something long and pretty, but still me. I don't want my make up and hair to be done in a way where I don't see myself anymore. A braid too, if my hair is long enough.
Wedding photos shouldn't be too formal, i hope they get to capture us when we're just talking, laughing..and smiling
into each other eyes. I secretly also hoped that i get to do another photoshoot, but only for private viewing*winks*. In black/white, very a sultry,sexy but not slutty kind of good. Like to be able to look at it after 20years and still smile at the chemistry..btw.i've to shed lotsa weight before i'm confident enough to do so though :P
yea.i guess that's just all for now. Perhaps when i'm bored again in soon future. then we'll come back and review this, aite?

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Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

Am I going to be one of the 200 guests at your future garden wedding? ;)