Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hi all, I've been MIA quite a bit lately. Exam stress are piling up and that seems to be the only thing I'm obsessed with. It quite overwhelming considering that it gives me panic attack and insomnia since like probably a month back. Now I'm taking a step back and on the zen mode of taking the part where perhaps if I've give it a try and do what I could and just let God take charge of the rest.

Well, to a more cheerful mood. I've been crazy with shopping lately *duh, what's new* I just discovered that there's so many alternative besides shopping online. Like the Asian Avenue place at Sunway Pyramid, it's near and the price is nearly as competitive as Online. Besides, Cotton On is probably a good haul too but somehow I just never as managed to buy anything from them. Real pictures f0r the items I bought, soon! They're just too pretty not to be shared.

Recently, I'm also being so obsessed with those contest that bring in loads of prizes and sample!The return has been pretty good considering I just started somewhere around March/April. Excerpt of what I've received so far *lalala*
  • Fresh look Illuminate Contact Lenses
  • Loreal Homme Hydra Energetic Fatigue Booster
  • Loreal Icy Shine Control Moisturiser
  • Biotherm Cellulite
  • Rimmel Matte Foundation
  • Freshkon Contact
  • Beautytalk products
  • Haba Labo trial pack
I'll review each and every one of them once I've time =)

Do try out those online trial spree/magazine cut-out never know when you might get lucky.

Website to look out for :-
Only Beauty - register with this website and apply for sample daily. Sample will be sent *delivery charge absorb by OB* if you're picked. I've been picked 3 times already! =)
Tongue in Chic - Malaysian very own fashion site, review up and coming trends, where to hang out etc etc. Also gives out pretty generous prizes with their contest. Won movie tickets and real size skincare/cosmetic already!
Plus Size Kitten - did quite a complete coverage on warehouse sales, discounts, freebies and of course online contest :P Very very convenient place to get updated

Of course, remember to buy me a drink if you've won anything, aite?

XOXO, Jean

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