Friday, July 10, 2009


Warning : excessive geli post ahead. If u cannot stand PDA. Close this window now, i repeat, NOW!


I know, I'm always late. This should come yesterday but I didn't have the inspiration to write. Thoughts, come in all kinds of form. Mine, comes in various times in bits and pieces.

I may not be a romantic person, but you are the only person that will send me chills to my toes.

It has been such a long journey my dear, we've overcome so many hurdles, get over some many disagreements. I know I'm not exactly the easiest person to deal with, yet you take me without any complains nor hesitation. You were always there, whenever i need you. Or, when i was just being a pest.

They said, the passion for a relationship/person will only last for 3 months. I beg to differ so strongly, see how well it has been working out for us. We may not be the couple that shows the most PDA, nor the people who says "i love you" all the time. In fact, we hardly ever blurt it out. But we know what we felt, we know we're planning for a future together.

Sometimes I find it a bit hard to tell u exactly how i feel, especially when it involves all the mushy mushy stuff, but most of the times, during the moment, words hardly come to mind, or meant anything. It deep. so strong. so in love. Sometimes I just feel like I'm floating, bet you never know that.

And u complaint that when I was away, I hardly ever thinks about u. I do, I just didn't know how to tell you without sounded too corny. But most of the time I got just so excited to fill u with the stuffs that I've been through that I forgot to tell u how much I missed you when I was away.

I swear, I think of you so much that sometimes my heart aches at the thought of you..yeah, aches. I never know that is actually true, I thought they only exist in movie character's emotion until I experienced it myself.

From when we've gotten together, me myself didn't think that we'll last, let alone for so long. Until now that everyone thinks that we're inseparable. *Hah, i had a dream last night that someone told us we've so much chemistry that we belong together forever!*

Well, I know, I missed u too. It's such a shame we don't get to spend our 6th anniversary together. (yeah, 6th!) But, separation makes the heart goes fonder =)

Love you honey, happy belated 6th anniversary!!


sheepyeoh said...

yaya...i heard that i m the one in the dream that too are great couple....:-p..hehe anyway is good to see you guys going through so much and staying together...all the best best to you two :-p

Midnight Glam said...

lol, thanks sweetie!

sheepyeoh said...

hey..still online a..i now scooping bag ler....can msn?? the way...

Midnight Glam said...

hey, since when use blog to chat d? Have to add chatbox lo then. Hm. cannot on msn.dunno why./

ols said...

ya lor..since when the blog become the chat tools??
somemore in my 6th anniversary post??
Thank you darling ...

QIaN said...


Jean said...

ols : you're welcome honey!
Qian : Thanks! =)