Monday, January 4, 2010


8months old Isabelle and me!!
Happy New Year peeps! I just came back from a roller-coaster like weekend back home, too much errands to run, too many people to talk to and too little time to accomplish all that.
Still extremely tired from all the travelling and running around in town. Doesn't help that Manchester United got eliminated from the run of FA Cup last night, terrible!
The lack of sleep has also contributed to the weird phrasing, and walking zombie-ish condition.
Updates will be in bullet point-

  • watched three movies, The treasure hunter.Sherlock Holmes and G-Force. Check out what my two cents of them above.
  • Travelled with darling boyf and Fion back home, gossiped about everyone and anyone with Fion. Blek :P
  • Graduation Day is next week, and i still haven't gotten the outfit to wear yet! And did facial in time for Grad.
  • Hence, everyone is coming down KL this coming weekend!!
  • Washed my car yesterday and got bitten by mosquitoes and ants =(
  • My purchases last week still hasn't arrive, i'm a bit nervous.
  • Played with Isabelle, she's so so cute now. and heavy. and she drools.
  • Some pictures from Beijing trip is on fb, i look terrible in winter clothing.
It's so cold i couldn't even open my eyes.

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