Friday, February 5, 2010

People Observation

I'll be subtle. try to guess, maybe?

I can't help you, not like I can't but I don't want to, helping you today doesn't necessary put you in a better position but definitely made me worse.

How can you be so naive? You think he's the one, but does he thought of you the same way? How many mistakes does it need to take for you to see clearly?

We've a brief encounter, you look so sad, you've that look on your face, like something terrible happened. I hope you feel better now.

If I'm not extremely close with you, I really do not appreciate the physical touch from people. I get that some girls may not mind that, but I certainly do feel awkward.

I think you're just plain pathetic and hypocritical, you're mean and sarcastic and made a complete pathetic fool out of yourself. Sometimes we laugh at you behind your back.

Dear lady at the Lancome counter, if you're new on the job, study up. Or at least make up with friendly attitude. I'll file a complain one day if I remembered your name. I feel uneasy by your service. I doubt that you've tried your best.

You do not know what you want, you do not envision your future, all you did was just gossip and complains. You should know better than just mumbled off everybody's secret. I'm glad I didn't share too much.

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