Sunday, December 19, 2010


24hour/day is just not enough to begin with. Without me even realising it, 2 months already flew by. Working life, I guess suites me quite well. At least, I'm not haggered, or drowning. I'm one of the few lucky ones, who happens to love her job.

Lets just start the updates from beginning, Joshua got a job in MAA in Oct, introduced me to it. I went for the interview, thinking whole-heartedly that I wouldn't get the job merely cause the interviewers were giving me a really hard time during the meeting. 4 interviewers vs Me. I wasn't shaking, merely froze. Luckily, I managed to maintain my "poise" and continue smiling. Needless to say, they called me back a week later to offer me the job. To date, I'm sitting behind Joshua in the office, became colleague with Sabrina. And have a boss who treats me like a toddler, that said. Needed to be baby-sit around the clock.

Speaking of the job, I work in Claims Department. To be more precise, Third Party Bodily Injury, Direct Settlement Unit. I liaise with third party solicitor(those representing clients who was injured in a motor vehicle accident, caused by our insured) to negotiate for a settlement, and dispose of the claim. It was a challenging job, many balls to juggle at once. And, lots to learn too.

I went for outstation trip on my second week of work, to Sungai Petani. Knowing nothing, merely following to observe =) It was exhausting, but rewarding. I also went to Malacca last week, came back sick. See, told u it was exhausting and demanding. But, with a job like this..time flies.

I've also scouted out a place to stay now, not a Subang resident anymore. I missed that place though, I guess it really hits home when you've called somewhere home for 5 years. However, I also quite like my place now. It's a new place, new kinda lifestyle. However, I'm still looking out for suitable furniture to place in my new "home". Myvi also got a parking place here, so I can cross off one less thing to worry from my list.

Thinking of getting a new laptop, but I needed to talk to Justin 1st to get his opinion. I liked the pretty ones from Vaio, but the boyf don't quite see the same. But my lappy is getting old, and laggy already. Of course, harddisk problem has been a problem even since time immemorial.. I also worry that this might crashed anytime soon because being a lappy. I'm already damn proud cause it lasted 6 years without any problem =)

With all this happening, new place, new job, new lappy..also thinking of getting a new phone.. makes me think that I'm really a grown up now and will have to take full responsibility of what I've done and not being so dependent. People around will probably slowly making less and less allowances for my screw ups anymore. Good sign i guess!

More soon, after I came back from Haerbin, China next year!
Till then, Merry Christmas and God bless!

-to freeze off soon-


nottyfion said...

wish you all the best in yr life..=)
i blive that you can handle all of these..

Midnight Glam said...

Thanks dear!