Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year peeps! Just came back from Taiping today after staying there for a week, it felt so hard leaving home knowing that, working life hardly comes with a package that includes going back home for more than 3 days.

CNY was uneventful but fulfiling, I spent quality time with the family. And most of my time were either sleeping, or laze-ing on the couch.

Met up with a few friends over the week, everyone seems to have mature in different ways. And it certainly seems like those differences were irreconcilable and rightly so.

Works resume tomorrow, which is another bore. Tones of works await and countless meetings to schedule.

Consolation is, the family is coming down again for the coming weekend again to visit. Yeay me!
Bad news is, will have to cancel the meet-up with ex-coursemate on Saturday.


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