Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I feel mocked, humiliated, embarassed
I never take u as this guy and me as this girl.
The story in my dream doesn't have this chapter.

We probably shouldn't have done it the 1st round
cause I didn't realise there's actually a
2nd and 3rd round,
perhaps u should have warned me instead
save me from all this misery.

Or u think 3rd time is the charm?

Hm..just, u know. give it a try
Try harder not to deceive me anymore
try not to portray u're this very nice guy when you're not
try not to lie so much(or, omission for that matter)
try not to change who u're in front of me

It's awful to find out that you actually know nothing about
a person who u spent so much time
talking, cuddling with..

Perhaps, try a little harder..
not to?

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