Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Home

I skipped class last Sunday, just to spend my entire days starring out of the window
and day dream about our future apartments.

There must be a place with lotsa greens, water flowing in the background, plenty of sunlight, windows everywhere, lotsa white, spacious, a funky wall, comfy couch, monotone rug, big book shelf and a red chair. Well, an opened closet too..if that's not too much.
Where our home can be called a real home, where we can have an afternoon tea on Sunday, late brunch on saturday and early breakfast on the rest of the days. Where we would love to go home to everyday after work. Where we would be glad to wake up to every morning..

Oh, and i cut my hair i look like a 16year old. I still don't really like it, the hairdresser just do not take instructions well I guess. I'll go for a re-cut soonish..

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