Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hi hi, I'm blogging from Taiping. Yea, u heard it right, I'm back right at home!
For those whom may concern, Taiping is still as rainily as ever, it has practically rain nonstop since I reach (which makes it perfect to stay in and sleep all day :p)

I just realised that you can get lotsa heels at uber good condition on sale(1/2 price!!) at Taiping Vincci branch! What?? Taiping ppl don't buy super high heels? psss...I just got myself a pair of 4inches pumps on hold with them, need to think first before I buy as it's a wee bit loose for me!
To buy or not to buy???? But I really liked them, it looks so posh!!!

Anyways. decision has to be done by tomorrow! I think I'm leaning more towards to getting them. Plus, I've a voucher from them, so..why not?!

  • facial done ( hurts!)
  • fingerless gloves purchased (why did I? It's so-not-practical!)
  • Monotone Ballerina Flats ala Audrey Hepburn purchased(it's really cute!)
  • New grey boots (my new baby have yet to make it debut)
  • ooops...pic regarding recent buys will be up soon, I promise (=

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