Saturday, February 28, 2009


  • Haven't been reading a book in a while, those novels on my nightstand has been constantly the same ones for months. Started reading after I came back from MPH sale that day, just couldn't resist the temptations too..and it felt so good afterwards!! Note to self : I never shouldn't have stop reading at the first place!
  • Went for breakfast with Debbie yesterday, at this place at Bandar Puteri, called Old Boy. The seats were made of wood, and it's a swing, a totally functionally one!! Plus, they have this fish spa thing in their restaurant where all their guests can use it for FREE! However, i have phobia with fishes!! Those fishes literally scared the hell outta me!! They look huge and hungry! And it looks like they could've jump out the pond anytime!!! >.<
  • Did some restocking and pick-up a few new stocks on Wednesday, it felt super marvelous to be able to shop like that again. Btw, i like all those pieces that I've chose, might just keep them for myself ;P
  • Oh, and I received my belated V-Day gift couple days back, so so super excited! Thanks honey!! *muacks! muacks!* Pictures will be up soon!
  • And since today is the end of the month, I'll try to take a picture of the items I've bought over the period of this month! Gosh, it should act as a very good reminder to bar shopping!!
  • Btw, there's quite a few blogshops popping up here and there lately, and they've really good pictures! How nice to have that once in a while (=
that's me and the boyf, spending some time at home ;)
Till then,

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