Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long long wishlist

I've been very obsessed lately with the fashion blog,
particularly those from the states and Europe..
Check out the blogroll on your left and you'll know.

It's the infamous NY fashion week,
and every blogger has been practically blogging away about
the fashion week and some even get to attend(!!)

Well, since we don't get much of that in M'sia,
why not I just share a few pieces that I've been having my eyes on lately?

Like Seriously Long Fingerless Jersey Gloves RM25

Momento Shoes
Audrey Hepburn (left) RM45
Hidden Secret (right) RM45

Nine West Taffela $89.99
Nine West Dasolina $39.99
Mezzanine Ankle Cuff RM86

Phasionology MaryJane RM50
Victoria's Secret Babydoll Coat $69.99
VS Cropped Double Breasted Peacoat $29.99

VS Classic Woal Coat $49.99
VS Double Breasted Peacoat $49.99

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