Monday, February 2, 2009

Come back?!

My life is in a serious mess

1.Seriously delayed school work
2.Financial Chaos
3.Midnight Glam unattended customers
4.Crazy Restock Session coming up
5.Extra pounds that got stuck with me since like..forever
6.The pimples on my forehead!!!

Suddenly, and it's already February, my final (and the most crucial exam) is coming up on May. And I still kinda feel like I'm in the beginning of the Semester, everything still look pretty strange and fresh to me ;( I guess that's my time to start study or else i'll just be like everyone else with a ordinary degree, and I don't want that!!!!!

Oh,yea..u'll probably tell me that financial chaos is like nonsense to me now..cause i worked, i run an e-shop and i got collected angpaos from everyone!!! But, i bet, if i show u my wishlist now...u'll scream and runaway!

And i'm also getting lazier and lazier by the minutes, my life is consists of going out yumcha, watch movie, eat eat eat and sleep sleep sleep! NO LIFE!! Hence, I kinda leave my customers unattended sometimes ;( *guilty as charged*

Btw, I put on like so much weight over the holidays too, having the need of zero movements and my dad constantly stuffing me with food kinda have that effect on me, I'll have to start to go on a diet, or else, i swear that my photographer will threatened me to change another model for MG (or maybe change a new gf too?) And, I'll have to stop buying more jackets,coats,cover-up and those sorts in that category. They make me look good whilst hiding all the extra fattiness under them ;P

Phew~ That's all for now, I feel so much better after I let all these frustartions out!!

Till then, em going e-shopping again!!!

p/s: Need urgent facial session too!!! Truckloads of pimples to deal with!!

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