Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Home

I skipped class last Sunday, just to spend my entire days starring out of the window
and day dream about our future apartments.

There must be a place with lotsa greens, water flowing in the background, plenty of sunlight, windows everywhere, lotsa white, spacious, a funky wall, comfy couch, monotone rug, big book shelf and a red chair. Well, an opened closet too..if that's not too much.
Where our home can be called a real home, where we can have an afternoon tea on Sunday, late brunch on saturday and early breakfast on the rest of the days. Where we would love to go home to everyday after work. Where we would be glad to wake up to every morning..

Oh, and i cut my hair i look like a 16year old. I still don't really like it, the hairdresser just do not take instructions well I guess. I'll go for a re-cut soonish..

Monday, March 16, 2009

A change is gonna come

My current obsessed colour is grey,
I wear lotsa bangles and blacks,
I'm allergic to public wedding proposals,
I hate when people go all lovey-dovey in open,
I like watching CSI and Bones during meals,
I love leather wear,
I listen to punk, rock,
I'm studying law..

it's kinda like i lost my girlish charm,
what if?!

Suddenly i just decided to stop
stop to act like I'm actually a confident person,
stop to think like I'm actually better than you,
stop to be so forward and brave like I normally do,
stop to be so out-spoken,
and being the little girl I'm deep down inside?

All girlish and hopelessly romantic
Will u still love me, for me??

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I feel mocked, humiliated, embarassed
I never take u as this guy and me as this girl.
The story in my dream doesn't have this chapter.

We probably shouldn't have done it the 1st round
cause I didn't realise there's actually a
2nd and 3rd round,
perhaps u should have warned me instead
save me from all this misery.

Or u think 3rd time is the charm?

Hm..just, u know. give it a try
Try harder not to deceive me anymore
try not to portray u're this very nice guy when you're not
try not to lie so much(or, omission for that matter)
try not to change who u're in front of me

It's awful to find out that you actually know nothing about
a person who u spent so much time
talking, cuddling with..

Perhaps, try a little harder..
not to?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

depressed ME





In the making..

In my old pictures, i looked so thin..

and now?
I'm still eating this for supper!!
*peanut butter+strawberry jam*match in heaven

They said that when a girl is having her period,
all the calories that she has taken doesn't count
it goes out from the system together with the u-know-what

I totally buy that theory, u see?!

On another note : chick lit makes me a really happy girl!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Of uber pretty and artsy

See what I meant?
Seriously uber brilliant!!

to seek more inspiration
Design*Sponge and Flickrista


Hi hi, I'm blogging from Taiping. Yea, u heard it right, I'm back right at home!
For those whom may concern, Taiping is still as rainily as ever, it has practically rain nonstop since I reach (which makes it perfect to stay in and sleep all day :p)

I just realised that you can get lotsa heels at uber good condition on sale(1/2 price!!) at Taiping Vincci branch! What?? Taiping ppl don't buy super high heels? psss...I just got myself a pair of 4inches pumps on hold with them, need to think first before I buy as it's a wee bit loose for me!
To buy or not to buy???? But I really liked them, it looks so posh!!!

Anyways. decision has to be done by tomorrow! I think I'm leaning more towards to getting them. Plus, I've a voucher from them, so..why not?!

  • facial done ( hurts!)
  • fingerless gloves purchased (why did I? It's so-not-practical!)
  • Monotone Ballerina Flats ala Audrey Hepburn purchased(it's really cute!)
  • New grey boots (my new baby have yet to make it debut)
  • ooops...pic regarding recent buys will be up soon, I promise (=