Monday, June 15, 2009

June, oh June

In the month of June, I plan to

  • read up on more historical account on The Tudors
  • clean the house, throw out old magazine and books
  • settle bros and sis tuition.
  • scout around for part time job
  • finish the ever piling novels on the nightstand
  • clear off the stocks at MidnightGlam
  • swim more, hike more, eat more vege and fruits

In a minute, I would love to walk in the rain(if there's any).
In an hour, I would love to have another masque session.
In a day, I would borrow another book from the library.
In a week, I would sent off my old books to the recycle centre and old clothes to charity.
In a month, I would love to go see my darling again, whom I so deeply missed =)

Well. well.. will need to cut my hair, have my facial, collect my bag, do my laundry, run more errands and lose more weight..just the usuals!

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