Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen

went to see this today!!!
Oh dear, it's really-seriously-extremely good!
And i thought Micheal Bay probably ran out of idea to make
it a come back smashing hit after the 1st marvelous one..
With all the high expectation, i've to say
this movie seriously didn't let me down
it's like a really good one that i've seen in a while.

Last week i went to watch Terminator : Salvation,
and it's disastrous! I yawned and yawned in the cinema,
almost falling asleep k?

While for this, I went to buy the ticket early early
so to avoid the last minute disappointment
that i wouldn't get a good enough seat..*kiasu ma!*
Luckily i did, u know.. the cinema in Taiping
is actually full today??
I've met those people i thought no longer exist :P

Anyways, it's really good,
if u haven't watch it, go- NOW!!

It's extremely interesting..
almost 2 1/2 hours, and there's no pause in between
so if u have a shallow bladder,
go to the loo before the movie to avoid missing any part~

OOOhhhh..almost forgot..
Megan Fox is effing hot~!
There's no words to describe her hotness..
check out the buff body, her pouty lips and
her piercing blue eyes..


小蓝天 said...

i want to watch!!!
but all fully book...
i think go back taiping watch better.

Midnight Glam said...

tpg also quite full le.. when u coming back to taiping? But can go early morning to buy near only :P

小蓝天 said...

next week go need to book before 2/3 days to get good sit.