Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael J

Albeit we all see it coming, with the extreme bleaching,
countless plastic surgery, weird behaviour and skin cancer..
It's still terribly sad for me when i found out this morning that
a great legend is gone..

Michael Jackson, king of pop is declared dead
from a cardiac arrest this morning(local time).
Although I've never been a really big fan all this while,
but some kinda sadness which i failed to understand still dawned over me.
I've been listening all day long to his song..

Despite of what it might been, the paedophile thing, remember?
It's undeniable he's truly a legend.
The influence he brought about will always be missed.

And i wondered, how come all great people died young?
Kurt Cobain. John Lennon. Elvis Presley. now Michael J.

You'll always be missed,

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