Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael J

Albeit we all see it coming, with the extreme bleaching,
countless plastic surgery, weird behaviour and skin cancer..
It's still terribly sad for me when i found out this morning that
a great legend is gone..

Michael Jackson, king of pop is declared dead
from a cardiac arrest this morning(local time).
Although I've never been a really big fan all this while,
but some kinda sadness which i failed to understand still dawned over me.
I've been listening all day long to his song..

Despite of what it might been, the paedophile thing, remember?
It's undeniable he's truly a legend.
The influence he brought about will always be missed.

And i wondered, how come all great people died young?
Kurt Cobain. John Lennon. Elvis Presley. now Michael J.

You'll always be missed,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

stuck at the moment

I'm smitten, one of my fav blog =) Check her out, here

credited to Flickrista

Shopping Craze

Purple block dress on sale at
Merrier bracelet with key from Soak Republic
(left) Coronation Ring from Soak Republic
Vintage Navy Lace Tunic from Ladies Mall
Customised Bracelet from Stephanie's
another ring from Stephanie's

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen

went to see this today!!!
Oh dear, it's really-seriously-extremely good!
And i thought Micheal Bay probably ran out of idea to make
it a come back smashing hit after the 1st marvelous one..
With all the high expectation, i've to say
this movie seriously didn't let me down
it's like a really good one that i've seen in a while.

Last week i went to watch Terminator : Salvation,
and it's disastrous! I yawned and yawned in the cinema,
almost falling asleep k?

While for this, I went to buy the ticket early early
so to avoid the last minute disappointment
that i wouldn't get a good enough seat..*kiasu ma!*
Luckily i did, u know.. the cinema in Taiping
is actually full today??
I've met those people i thought no longer exist :P

Anyways, it's really good,
if u haven't watch it, go- NOW!!

It's extremely interesting..
almost 2 1/2 hours, and there's no pause in between
so if u have a shallow bladder,
go to the loo before the movie to avoid missing any part~

OOOhhhh..almost forgot..
Megan Fox is effing hot~!
There's no words to describe her hotness..
check out the buff body, her pouty lips and
her piercing blue eyes..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hearthrob of the moment

He, plays Charles Brandon in The TudorsNewFace in Dunhill Black London Ad.

Before that.

In his Younger Days,
Now this, check out that mesmerizing blue eyes

He is Henry Cavill, a Brit.
Which means he has the English accent that brings me weak to my knees.
Extremely sexy, seductive and good looking
How does the producer actually turn him down for
Christian Bale, Daniel Craig and Robert Pattinson?

hmmm..Boy toy for the moment.

Monday, June 15, 2009

June, oh June

In the month of June, I plan to

  • read up on more historical account on The Tudors
  • clean the house, throw out old magazine and books
  • settle bros and sis tuition.
  • scout around for part time job
  • finish the ever piling novels on the nightstand
  • clear off the stocks at MidnightGlam
  • swim more, hike more, eat more vege and fruits

In a minute, I would love to walk in the rain(if there's any).
In an hour, I would love to have another masque session.
In a day, I would borrow another book from the library.
In a week, I would sent off my old books to the recycle centre and old clothes to charity.
In a month, I would love to go see my darling again, whom I so deeply missed =)

Well. well.. will need to cut my hair, have my facial, collect my bag, do my laundry, run more errands and lose more weight..just the usuals!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Greetings from Japan

Ohaiyo gozaimas!!

Hi peeps, i'm back from Japan! It's a truly enjoyable trip though.. in a land where everyone is so uber polite and extreme cleanliness is everywhere. Coming back to M'sia after a week is actually a wake up call. I think this happens on the last round too, when I came back suddenly I'm like so polite and different, and people here seems so..normal?!

Anyway, the trip was really good! With all those glorious food, no doubt i've put on more weight, but i've tons of fun too!! Say the Universal Studio and Disneyland. And the food is, phew~ mindblowingly marvelous! No only that it's tasty, it's extremely pretty too, Japanese have a thing for decorating and percision, everything on the table is so delicately done, sometimes it makes u think that u should probably not eat them up at all!

However, i think the major difference for this trip is that I no longer crave to shop on the street either in Osaka nor Tokyo anymore. Stuffs are so expensive there, the only way to get a reasonable pricing is that u divide all the price by 3, then it all seems alright ;P

Besides, the fashion sense of those Japanese girl has changed so much(or perhaps, it was just me!) I used to quite like the Japanese bcos i think they're stylish most of the time, but now that i'm into more of those Caucasian style( think, sleek and chic) Japanese seems to be a bit too much for me! The layer on everything, and thinks that baggy jeans and harem pants looks good on them, while in fact, Asian has a shorter body proportion compared to European which makes it just looks weird and short =( not good, in fact, not good at all!!

Oh, and you ought to look at their faces, they've piled on make-up on their tiny faces all the time, it's just too much, and sometimes painful to look at them.

Anyway, the only thing that annoys me the most(besides terrible fashion sense), is the language itself. Japanese is a very arrogant race, even at the most visited places like Disneyland, all the explaination is done in Japanese, no English or Chinese or whatsoever other languages at all, they're so proud themselves that they do not bother to have it translated in other more international language at all. In addition, Japanese has a funny sound to it, this language when pronounced, sounds very much like Malays, as if everything can be spelt out, plus they speak in a monotonous voice, shorts, they do really really sounds like robot..
It annoyed me during my 1st trip on the 3rd day, on this round, i K.O.ed the 1st day there, it annoys me, seriously seriously annoyed! feels good to finally let all this out, shall update those pictures soon! *winks*
Taken loads of them ;P

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Beauty Diary

In the spirit that my puuurrfect skin has gone down the drain
now it's time to safe it before all the make-up has to come in

Look what i've found??
my *new* darling, taiwan facial masque!
It's super cheap, and quite effective..
and i super heart *muah* the packaging and smell
damn luxurious feel-a-like!

Oh, this is for u Fion,
remember u told me that could be pirated masque?
Turn out it's true, but i also found out
how to certify its authentication!
*yeah!* Tell u all about that soon!

Ahh, as for now,
If u'll excuse me,
i'm gonna put on some masque!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Midnight Craving

I know, it's not midnight yet, but probably after like 4-5 hours of studying, it sure does feel like it already..

i hardly ever lay my eyes on a vintage looking piece, but this piece seriously brought out my inner-craving.. *totally ignorance of the shopping bans*

What do u peeps think of it? Too much? I'd love it with loads of bangles, with ballerina flats/pumps & wrislet maybe?

How? How??
Feedback darlings