Sunday, May 10, 2009

More is LOVE

Seriously, i just couldn't stop myself, i keep eyeing things,
how come everything is so damn lovely one?!
I've to let my darling take my modem away tonight,
or else i'll seriously fail my exam and broke!!

Exam and broke?! Not a good combination!
Red Cotton Jumpsuit from Twinkle

Chain me Softly from SoakRepublic
Satine v-neck Blouse by MaybeBaby
*sale item*
Seahorse Dress from Trendy Confessions
White Demure Belle Blouse from MaybeBaby
*on sale too T_T*
The J Bracelet from SoakRepublic
unfortunately reserved and not restockable anymore =(
*winks*my birthday's coming up*winks*

As for the carnage, this is it!
Acid Jeans from Trendreport
Cute duo tone Ballerina from DressyDresser
*there, like the one i've in black and white!*

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