Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Hi mommy, it has been almost 5 years since u left us..I know u do not want it to be that way, but that's God's will. And we wouldn't have it any other way, another day with us means more pain and suffering for u. And as we all love u so much, we would rather let u go than to keep u for our sake.

It has been painful mommy, every year during mother's day, yr birthday and your memorial date.It has been so painful for me, for all i can do is just being numb, not to think about you, not to allow myself to. For everytime i think about u, tears just rolls down my cheek. I miss u so much mom!

It was just like yesterday that we were talking, laughing away, huggings and smiling at each other. The cheeriness in your voice, your little dimple, your warm touch...

You know how hard it has been for all of us without u being around right? We all tried to move on, to live on our life, but i know a part of us died when u left us. But we'll keep on be strong, and until when we met again in heaven, I'll want to tell you all about my life, and I want you to be proud for us!

How's your life up there, everything nice and good? I hope everything is well. Oh, and you must have reunited with grandma and grandpa already right? They left us 2 -3years after u did, we all misses them terribly too, send our love when u talk to them for us k?

And mummy, if u're reading this, or if u could.. I just want to say,
Mummy, happy mother's day, I love you!

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